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Alexey also known as Dj Child and Stanislav aka Unknown DJ (and of course Roobie Roid), began their solo performances back in 2000, and, by the time of joining the team project, each of them had quite a lot of experience working in the best cafes and clubs in Moscow, such as A’Priori, Top Club, Bega, Etazherka, Klon, Bureau.

In 2004 two skilled djs teamed up in music project called «Static Deejays».

Static Deejays were frequent guests of events organized by the «Sozertsanie» promotion group; residents of the «VINYL SUMMER» party series sponsored by Dynamit FM (DFM) radio and frequent underground-party guests in Dubna (Moscow Region) organized with the support of Emercom records and Orbita music. Collaborated with the Committee for Culture of Moscow, the Moscow Scooter Club, TV channels MUZ-TV and TNT, labels Solipse Soundsystem and 1210 Pro Group, Melodica (Metronome Records), Snussi Project, as well as other young and promising musicians working in the styles of Drum’n ‘Bass / NuBreaks / Progressive breaks / Progressive house.

Static Deejays performed in a single program with the stars of the Russian dance scene and the best DJs in Russia and the CIS, such as Sukhov, Kolya, D-Max, Shmel, Viper, Great, Boris, Dubrovskaya and many others. They took an active part in the EVOLUTION project (1210 ProGroup) and worked side by side with foreign stars such as Quivver, Lexicon Avenue, Hybrid, Mike Corbin, Serge Que and others. According to the results of the online voting, the Static Deejays project won the contest “ National DJ 2005 ”. In 2006 dj-duo was renamed to Dubvaders.

in 2010, a period of rethinking values begins. Each of the project participants has a family, children and a career in non-music areas.

Periodic back-to-back performances continue in small clubs and at private events.

In mid-2018, Dubvaders begin releasing fresh mixes of the «From the vaults» series, performing at events and ready to book.

Joint performance from multiple sources is always an unforgettable show that dipping clubbers into the world of electronic music — both well-known classical and fresh experimental.